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 KH6N Information

KH6N Remote Control System

KH6N operates an Amateur Radio Repeater and Remote

Control System in Silicon Valley.  The system is located in

Los Altos, California, and includes a 440 MHz Open Repeater

and HF Remote Control System.


The Repeater operates on an output of 440.875 MHz with

and input at 445.875 MHz, 100 Hz PL.  It is an Open Repeater

so if you are in the area, feel free to drop by.

KH6N Equipment

The KH6N System is capable of operation on all Amateur Radio

bands from 80 through 2 Meters, with additional equipment in

the shack supporting all bands from 160 Meters through 10 GHz.


Scaled KH6N Antenna Farm copy

Equipment Includes:

blebul1d   KT-34 Yagi for 10, 15, and 20 Meters

blebul1d   Inverted Vee Dipoles for 80 through 6 Meters

blebul1d   Vertical Collinear for 144, 440, and 1296 MHz Bands

blebul1d   Disc Yagis for 2300 MHz Band

blebul1d   Discone for 45 through 1300 MHz

blebul1d   10-Foot Parabolic for Various Microwave Bands


blebul1d   GE MASTR II 440 MHz Repeater System

blebul1d   Icom IC-706 MK II Transceiver for 160 through 2 Meters

blebul1d   Icom R-7000 Receiver for 100 KHz to 2 GHz

blebul1d   Various Microwave Transverters


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Favorite Links

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blebul1d   Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

blebul1d   General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies


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Last revised: 12 February 2012